Letters to Kaos

We will begin highlighting some of the Letters to Kaos in this space. Thank you for your continued support as we bring his killer to justice.


#LettersforKaos: It’s funny because his name was ‘Kaos’ but he was far from chaotic; he was a very smooth, collected, and positive individual! Some things I loved about Will was that his light was so bright that everybody’s moods would change for the better just because of his presence. Another thing I loved about Will was that he was one of the flyest guys wherever he went, always dressed to impress; letting his presence be known by his witty conversation or by his positive energy. He was definitely a star in our family; a very influential person who left a mark not only on my life, but everybody’s life he came in contact with. His memory will live on and never be forgotten!

Your smile is missed!

If you have a picture, letter, or memory to share, please reach out to us.




Author: justiceforkaos

Chronicling the road to justice for the March 2016 murder and robbery of Will AKA Kaos.

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