Monserrat Carrillo-Castilla is a Sociopath

Publicly posted vines from 2013-2015 document Carrillo-Castilla’s descent into drinking, drugging, hooking, and thugging.

In March 2016, when 18 year old Navi killed and robbed Will/Kaos, she was working for her boyfriend, a 21 year old self-described Arab pimp and fledgling YouTube rapper named Abdul-Rahman Khan AKA Ghost.

For now, both Navi and Ghost are locked up again (FYI: Ghost posted his $150,000 bond for murdering Peter Piña in June and was walking around in the free world with an ankle monitor, but *surprise* he was picked up for threatening folks with a gun. So, he’s back in the slammer until his “brilliant” crooked defense attorney can come up with something to spring him out).

Money is no object for these foreign-funded homegrown terrorists.

Killing, robbing, thugging, drugging, and sociopathic behavior is what they love to do.

Don’t be deceived by their ages – Navi, Ghost, and their associates are violent and sociopathic people that should not be released back into society for any reason!

Contact us for more of Carrillo-Castilla’s Vines.


Author: justiceforkaos

Chronicling the road to justice for the March 2016 murder and robbery of Will AKA Kaos.

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