Willie Honable Jr.’s Killer Walks Free


July 22, 2018 would have been Willie Honable Jr.’s 40th birthday—a milestone he never had the opportunity to celebrate because Monserrat Carrillo-Castilla robbed and executed him inside his Katy, TX home on March 5, 2016. The victim’s family is dismayed at the trial proceedings, and we spoke with them for their input.

The trial in Fort Bend County, TX was not about the killing of Willie Honable Jr. inside of his home where he was found shot dead by Carrillo-Castilla: first, she shot Kaos once in his right shoulder, then she shot him in his right temple, and finally she shot him in the back of his head. The focus of the trial was the victim’s alleged lifestyle instead of on providing information to the jury and the public about the killing.

In the end, although Monserrat was shown to be a renegade stripper and prostitute, a gun carrying thug, and a vile person that preyed on the lives of her clients, these facts were minimized to the jury. Willie Honable’s character as a musician and caring, loving father was not presented to the jury. The diversionary tactic of an alleged rape concocted by the defendant and her conspirators succeeded—outsmarting the Court, but not the victim’s family. Ultimately, the facts provided by the witnesses and DNA evidence presented in trial corroborated that “the rape” involved the killer’s friend not being compensated by the victim for consensual oral sex; so, they came up with a lie to explain the DNA evidence they knew police would find on the victim’s penis. It also came out that the killer’s friends assisted her with disposing of the victim’s Breitling watch and the murder weapon.

Monsey the Monster admitted to multiple people that she killed Willie Honable, Jr.  in cold-blood and she continues to brag about how she killed him. During court proceedings, the defendant laughed at and taunted the family of the victim, she smirked and blew kisses to the victim’s mother and family, and she made shooting gestures with her hands and laughed to friends that attended the proceedings; Carrillo-Castilla showed no remorse and acted as if she was on tour, not facing a murder trial. The irregularities and shenanigans pulled in this case were something you had to be there to see and we’ll share more about them at the appropriate time: the bottom line is that justice was served for a dead Black man, Texas style.

The family of Willie Honable, Jr. (Kaos) is devastated that this vicious killer is now free from ever being held criminally accountable for murdering their loved one. But they take comfort that the killer and conspirators will certainly answer to a Higher Power for their actions. There are a number of additional facts and details about this defendant and her circle that #JusticeforKaos has learned and will present to the public when the time is right.

Hopefully the citizens of Fort Bend County will demand that when she’s picked up for her next crime, the sociopath narcissist Monserrat is maximally prosecuted despite the caravan of tears that are sure to come to town for the next hearing. Unfortunately, for her family and associates, prayers and supplications cannot make a miracle of the fundamental defects in Carrillo-Castilla’s character and cannot correct her inhumanity; we will all surely hear of her next killing, because hooking, drugging, and thugging is all that she  contributes to society.

Will Honable’s family, friends, and associates assure us that they will use every resource and means necessary to ensure that Justice is served, and in this respect the work in this matter is far from over, in fact it is just beginning.

❤❤❤Happy Birthday Willie Honable, Jr.❤❤❤

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